Staying Alive

Transport matters; for me, that means a bicycle – but in a developing country I might wish for a donkey. Carrying water home, never mind food relief in a drought or other emergency, usually falls to women – and a bit of help saves lives.

Training in NE Kenya

The Merti Maarifa video team is growing and strengthening – they made the most of our very little training time together this February with great skill-sharing in remote Merti Collaborating on an edit plan using the old technology of paper cards – like a Hollywood script team, back in the bright lights of Isiolo town…

Climate change adaptation and governance

Climate change adaptation needs good governance. Local film-makers documented a pilot project in Isiolo, Kenya, linking these ideas with the unfolding of Kenya’s new constitution. Here’s the short version, in English; there’s one in KiSwahili too. A 20-minute edition is used in the roll-out to other arid counties including Turkana and Wajir