Carbon literacy – beyond BAFTA

Nearly finished designing a new one-day training that’ll be even more interactive: plenty of hands-on and group learning. Some of the science behind the slogans Joining the dots between news stories, individual agency and system change Making informed decisions to take positive action in the face of our climate crisis   Meanwhile BAFTA’s Albert goes…

Outreach in all directions

Slimewatch brought ecology and phycology into art galleries in late 2019; in 2020 we kicked off at a science conference. Algal specialists came together for BPS2020 in Plymouth – home to the Marine Biological Association & Plymouth Marine Labs, as well as a University with strong departmental links. Subject specialists engaged with Slimewatch at all…

Science/art at #bps2020

After three gallery installations in 2019, ‘Slimewatch’ is exhibiting at the British Phycological Society’s 2020 Conference, Plymouth, Jan.6th-9th. Looking forward to learning from some of the world’s foremost algal specialists – and hoping they enjoy the films, roaming our gigapan, and the plasticine activities

Ultra: back on the South Bank

London Ultra 2019 invited Crispin&Susi up onto the top floor of Bargehouse: Oxo Tower Wharf, 11-6pm. from Oct.31st – Nov.10th Opening party evening of Oct.31st., free if you’re in fancy-dress…


September exhibitions of ‘Slimewatch’: ‘Slimewatch I: Moon & mud’.     4’59”; Susi Arnott, 2019 Time-lapse imagery reveals colour&movement over tidal cycles; photo-colorimetry defines and measures these colours. Light- and electron-microscopy help identify and count species and their relative densities. In collaboration with Prof.Jane Lewis and student Dain Son, at the University of Westminster (Life Sciences):…

Totally Thames 2018

This year’s Thames Festival is too soon for our next ThamesTides exhibition – but I’ll be talking about work about/around/inspired by the Thames on an evening boat-ride on Wednesday Sept.6th: book tickets here:  reflections on the river


_ Microphytobenthos; the missing sink? “…re-suspension of this biomass by tidal oscillations over intertidal flats, even in low hydrodynamic conditions, generates a net carbon flux from the littoral zones to open coastal basins. Measurements allowed us to estimate that this microphytobenthic compartment, which colonizes a small fraction of the total Earth surface (smaller than the…

in the Science Library

maths, movies and point-of-view UCL Science Library, in the heart of Bloomsbury: a longer run for the exhibition ‘Bobby & Stillman’, by Susi Arnott and Crispin Hughes, working with Professors of Mathematics Sofia Olhede and Patrick Wolfe (UCL Big Data Institute). Five sound films from a collaboration touching on frequencies, sampling and even the uncertainty…

Observed, observing

BOBBY AND STILLMAN: THE COLLABORATION WITH UCL’s BIG DATA INSTITUTE In the applied mathematics of fluid dynamics, a ‘Eulerian approach’ describes movement passing a fixed point. Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, fig.1, formulated equations for such motion in 1757. In the 1770s his successor at the Berlin Academy, French/Italian mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange (fig.2) described phenomena recorded…

Bobby & Stillman

ThamesTides has been drawn in to UCL’s ‘Creative Reactions’; are we building data sets for Professor of Statistics to respond to, or is this an artistic response to her practice as a scientist? Two cameras this time; clues in their names…

Site-specific commission

  150 years ago, Crossness pumping station was built to take advantage of the tides… spectacular home for #ThamesTides, & soon we’ll make another work showing this link – weather, compass, almanac & tide-tables willing

Immersion in time and space

Thames Tides premiered at London’s Cinema Museum in September. The perfect context to pilot Crispin’s pop-up installation idea; projector gantry + 4 hanging paper screens, with a more modest flatscreen in the cafe/bar. Wonderful space, marvellous support from the lovely Ronald, Martin – &Technical Dave.   Then the show rolled up into a van and re-emerged…

Thames Tides in the Thames Festival

Our five-screen installation will be on in The Cinema Museum, Kennington, September. 4th, 2-10pm. and September 13-16th. 10-5pm.,  in the stunning underground Shaft of The Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe Another joint project with Crispin Hughes; more info, including trailers, on the project website And more on the Thames Festival here @TotallyThames #TotallyThames

The Moon and the City

London’s tides are as big as Cornwall’s. The five-screen installation ‘Thames Tides’ is mostly about immersion – here’s a short trailer for the ‘sidebar film’   See the full installation at The Cinema Museum on September 4th.2016

Medical Aid Films

Re-versioning some of their existing films into tablet-based training resources – this one in Yoruba, for Ondo State. Great to work with this purposeful organisation.

Thames Tides

  Another collaboration with Crispin Hughes, the exhibition ‘Thames Tides’ is at technical rehearsal stage. Watch out for it as part of the 2016 Thames Festival.      


Grace John describes working with her donkey to carry water way up the Rift Valley escarpment to the home she made in refuge from the 2008 post-election violence. Work with DSK and Hilda Kathure, sadly in post-production limbo; working animals make a huge difference to people’s lives in Kagoto, but they deserve care and support      …