Pastoralism goes to University

Pleasing request from Ced Hesse of IIED; can they use ‘Moving with the Times‘ to explain pastoralist lives and livelihoods to Ethiopian University students? “…under-graduate and post-graduate curricula of Bule-hora, Jigiga & Semera universities… to contribute to resilient, peaceful and equitable development in the drylands of Ethiopia.”  (click to play) The original 2002 commission from SOS Sahel aimed to de-stigmatise ‘feckless wanderers’ and present…

Adam plus one at Shuffle Festival

Adam’s powerful film will be on in a cemetery, for better or worse Looking forward to making more films with Hearing the Voice members soon   Saturday 2 August, 4.30 – 6pm Southern Grove Community Centre, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, London TICKETS are free but bookings are essential

First sex with Brook

Hurrah, some of my recent collaborative work with young people is online now. They aren’t talking about their OWN sexual experiences: they’re bringing Dr.Ester McGeeney’s research work to life on screen, re-telling interview stories from other young people Rebecca tells ‘Indiah’s’ story Ester’s project blog

Staying Alive

Transport matters; for me, that means a bicycle – but in a developing country I might wish for a donkey. Carrying water home, never mind food relief in a drought or other emergency, usually falls to women – and a bit of help saves lives.

Training in NE Kenya

The Merti Maarifa video team is growing and strengthening – they made the most of our very little training time together this February with great skill-sharing in remote Merti Collaborating on an edit plan using the old technology of paper cards – like a Hollywood script team, back in the bright lights of Isiolo town…

Climate change adaptation and governance

Climate change adaptation needs good governance. Local film-makers documented a pilot project in Isiolo, Kenya, linking these ideas with the unfolding of Kenya’s new constitution. Here’s the short version, in English; there’s one in KiSwahili too. A 20-minute edition is used in the roll-out to other arid counties including Turkana and Wajir

Akademik Shokalskiy

  Seeing this ship in the media since it got trapped in the Antarctic ice with journalists on board… Here’s my favourite photo from a work trip to the Arctic on this same vessel back in 2008. (Along with 28 teenagers from around the world, blogging and making their own short films with our support.)…

Brook and ‘Good Sex’

Enjoying working with Brook and U.Sussex. Have to avoid uploading any videos with titles like ‘Good Sex with Young People’, but such an important idea – to include ‘Pleasure’ in sex education, not just ‘Pathology’!