I knew Susi Arnott by reputation long before I met her. She has extensive international and domestic experience. I have now seen several of her films, all of which are highly professional, very watchable, ethical and engaging. Susi has a knack of taking complex issues and communicating key messages about them. She does this in a way that respects the dignity of the people interviewed or depicted, who are often living in abject poverty. Much of her filming has taken her to insecure, remote and underserved areas but this does not affect the quality of the final production. She is adept at utilising translation services, sub-titles and voice over. 
When planning an initiative I have found her to be most helpful in offering up ideas and options on how to achieve our objectives. Her enthusiasm makes collaboration with her a very enjoyable working experience.
Tim Leyland, Livelihoods / Policy Adviser, DFID

Totally dedicated, extremely skilled in conveying her message through film and art, utterly dependable – and always a pleasure to work with, and share insights.”
Roger Moody, Managing editor, Mines and Communities

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Susi Arnott on the production of a film … Susi is smart, professional and amazingly energetic. She developed fantastic relationships with children, professionals and the community, and went way beyond what is usually expected in order to make the films have depth and substance on tight budgets. Susi works in a sensitive and ethical way and can be trusted to work with controversial issues and vulnerable groups. I have no hesitation in recommending Susi Arnott as a filmaker and collaborator on teaching and research projects, she is the best that I have worked with!
Professor Rachel Thomson, Director of Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth (CIRCY), University of Sussex

Working with Crispin and Susi is a pleasure. Hospital environments can be tricky but they make everyone feel so at ease. Crispin has worked with me on the Annual Review for 2 years now and each time he has delivered on the brief …and more – great shots and of a very high standard. Susie gave good guidance and support during a challenging filming project and the results were amazing.
Jane Kartupelis, Head of Marketing
Corporate Communications, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Denmark Hill, London

Crispin and Susi returned with the most stunning catalogue of shots that instantly transport the viewer to the Hills of Nepal and expresses the enormity of the Trust’s mission. With a sharp eye for colour and light they responded to a prescriptive brief with panache and imagination. In large part due to their gentle, unflappable natures Crispin and Susi have extracted the spirit and quiet dignity of our old soldiers and widows. They have provided the Trust with a valuable and precious legacy that will support our fundraising endeavours for years to come. Moreover, their work preserves a fast disappearing piece of our history. And all that aside, they’re great fun to work with.
Katherine Ayers, Deputy Director, Gurkha Welfare Trust

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