Slimewatch, 2019

Top floor of ‘London Ultra’ at the Bargehouse, 11am.-6pm. Oct.31st – Nov.10th
Private view evening of Oct.31st; free to anyone in fancy dress

A study of photosynthetic commuters in central London, that work to a tidal ‘day’.  Communities of micro-algae
evolve different pigment cocktails; individually tiny, in their trillions they daub muddy foreshores
turmeric, forest-green, bronze…

‘Slimewatch III: Moon &mud’, 6’11”          Susi Arnott/Dain Son, 2019

Time-lapse imagery reveals colour&movement over tidal cycles; photo-colorimetry defines and measures these colours.
Light- and electron-microscopy help identify and count species and their relative densities.
In collaboration with Prof.Jane Lewis and student Dain Son, at the University of Westminster (Life Sciences)

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