The Camel estuary has an 8m tidal range, and massive sand deposits.
Silent timelapse work released on DVD (and described in the Penguin book ‘Tide‘)

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3 thoughts on “Estuary

  1. hello susi,
    where can i find/buy the movie estuary? just read about it in the book “tide”.
    i teach sailing in tidal waters und might use it to demonstrate the forces – in a more aesthetic way.
    best regards, kathrin

    • Dear Kathrin,
      Let me know where you live, and who you teach! It was made for a gallery who then put it on sale down in Cornwall, but that was over 10 years ago.
      Only a few copies left on DVD and have been wondering whether to go through the work of producing a Blu-ray version, rather than just re-issuing the DVD. So your reply might help me decide, in a good way.
      Do email me at – I only check the website occasionally!
      All the best,

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