Breaking the Bush

Over 20 years old now, bizarrely shot on the PNG Police Force U-matic camera after my Hi-8 was stolen – we distributed this film across the schools, churches and market video-shacks of PNG so that as many people as possible got the idea of what really happens when a logging company comes to your village with a great-looking deal. The best compliment of all: pirate copies started appearing.

VSO Keith Harris conceived the project and brought Susi in as director; Leonie Kanawi proved to be an implacable interviewer. The fine camerawork and editing are courtesy of Ralai ‘Roger’ Ralai and Luke Gembol. Sound recordist Mandi Wandua actually was a policeman and had to be dissuaded from wearing his uniform on the shoot – but we couldn’t have the equipment without taking him and his gun along. It’s a long story … but tragically the logging continues today.

Local TV reported on our launch, very productively; Leonie and I could promote the film and spread the message.
Clips in the report are in pidgin, obviously…

tropical forest – corruption – environment – human rights – capitalism – participatory video – deforestation – development

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