Life on board a Thames tugboat, summer 1984
Camerawoman & co-director/editor, Susi Arnott; sound & co-dir/co-ed. Matthew Evans

2 thoughts on “Lightermen

  1. Hi Suzi
    I viewed again your video “Lightermen” and realised it’s 38 years since you made it aboard the Tug General V11 over a number of days spent on the tug. My name is Colin Harper and I was the Mate of Gen V11 then and finished my working life as Captain of another tug in Cory’s fleet.
    I can still remember clearly you and Matthew filming on the tug. Cory still carries Londons waste but now it goes to a rubbish burning power station at Belvedere in SE London.
    Well I hope you and Matthew are well and still very much involved in cinematography.
    I retired from working on the Thames 14 years ago. I enjoyed the work and your visit was a highlight of it and welcome publicity for water transport.
    Best regards.

    • Wow, Colin – amazing to hear from you!
      Had a lovely time making documentaries since we worked together – and not surprised you made Captain. Matthew went off into fiction – last time we met was at Yorkshire TV, where he was directing ‘Heartbeat’ episodes, and I was making films for Channel 4 Schools! So you can tell how long ago that was. Love it that some of the rubbish goes to a power station now.
      Do you know Thames21 and their work along the foreshore? Worked with them a little bit last year, making some films about the algae that live in the mudbanks – and come up and down with the tides. Long story.
      So pleased I found this – I don’t check the website messages often enough (it’s usually promotions, or proposals of various sorts:). But so smashing to hear from you and delighted you’re around and about and enjoying retirement. Putting your email into my contacts, if that’s ok?
      Stay well
      Susi x

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