Slimewatch, 2019

  • University of Westminster Gallery Café, Regent Street W1B 2HB September 12th-23rd 2019
    (with interactive installation in the main foyer, 12th-14th.)
  • Thames Festival 2019 ‘Foragers of the Foreshore’, Sept.24th-29th.
  • ‘London Ultra’ at the Bargehouse/OXO Tower, 11am.-6pm. Oct.31st – Nov.10th
  • British Phycological Society Conference, University of Plymouth January 6th-9th. 2020

A study of photosynthetic commuters in central London, that work to a tidal ‘day’.  Communities of micro-algae
evolve different pigment cocktails; individually tiny, in their trillions they daub muddy foreshores
turmeric, forest-green, bronze… emerging and re-submerging in a conundrum of chronobiology

‘Slimewatch III: Moon &mud’, 6’11”          Susi Arnott/Dain Son, 2019

Time-lapse imagery reveals colour&movement over tidal cycles; photo-colorimetry defines and measures these colours.
Light- and electron-microscopy help identify and count species and their relative densities.
In collaboration with Prof.Jane Lewis and student Dain Son, at the University of Westminster (Life Sciences)

Exhibition pieces include photographic and graphic prints and time-lapse films, an interactive roamable giga-pan electron micrograph, and a making-station + ‘tank’ for modelling plasticine microphytobenthos species.

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