Carbon Literacy trainings

While still working in film&TV, Susi facilitated in-person Carbon Literacy courses for BAFTA’s ‘albert‘ initiative. Then came COVID19, and she built interactive online courses: firstly for interested people (course nickname ‘CLiP’) and then for journalists/people in any sort of communications work (‘CLiJ’). During lockdown, we ran 35 in-house and ‘open’ courses involving media, business & education professionals but also fellow union members, activists, colleagues and even neighbours.
As the pandemic eased, a face-to-face course for community groups (‘CLiC’) was built in collaboration with Bromley Cleaner&Greener.

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All CLP accredited courses emphasise active emissions reduction. Peer-groups get their heads around the basics of man-made climate change, then collaborate to imagine, sketch-plan and argue for sustainable futures.
The next ‘open training’ from Walking Pictures will be online again, using the course tailored and accredited for people working in communications (‘CLiJ’).

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Details & registration here: participants have the opportunity to apply for certification as ‘Carbon Literate’.