September exhibitions of ‘Slimewatch’:

‘Slimewatch I: Moon & mud’.     4’59”; Susi Arnott, 2019
Time-lapse imagery reveals colour&movement over tidal cycles; photo-colorimetry defines and measures these colours.
Light- and electron-microscopy help identify and count species and their relative densities.
In collaboration with Prof.Jane Lewis and student Dain Son, at the University of Westminster (Life Sciences):
Multi-media exhibition at Regent St.Gallery Café, 309 Regent St., London W1B 2HB.
Sept.14th-23rd., 09:00-18:00 with activities in 307 Foyer on 13th-14th.     PV Thursday 12th., 6-8pm

Then at Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, SE1 9PH, together with Crispin Hughes, ‘Duck’ and ‘Keepers’,
as part of this year’s ‘Totally Thames’ Festival, Sept.25th-29th. 10:00-20:00.     PV Tuesday Sept.24th.6-8pm.

‘Slimewatch II: Mud & microbes’, 8’50”.          Susi Arnott/Dain Son, 2019     

Thanks to BA Film course director Peter Hort for putting us all in touch!