Susi Arnott was a research biologist, but escaped the laboratory 30 years ago to work in film and video.
She specialises in education and development, working in production, direction, writing, camerawork and editing, as a lifelong freelancer. Training and mentoring is often part of productions, but sometimes a job in itself.

Susi spent 10 years making educational programmes for Channel 4 Schools, and 5 making programmes for national ‘Teachers’ TV’. But these contracts have always interleaved with projects such as BBC documentaries in Nepal and Pakistan, Channel 5 children’s programmes in India and Jordan, public information films for people in Papua New Guinea or Kenya, website films with British Universities and training videos for the FAO.
Susi was an Honorary Reader in Visual Anthropology at Manchester and is currently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University of Sussex. Teaching experience includes a term at LCC/University of the Arts London, and 2 years part-time on the MA ‘Television for Development’ on participatory video, with Reading University. She’s currently supporting 3rd.years at the University of Westminster on their documentary projects.
A range of consultancies and writing jobs include a children’s book on Indonesia for Oxfam/Heinemann, re-configuring an EU forestry conservation project in the Philippines and a strategic re-evaluation of BBC World Service Trust (now ‘Media Action’) in Bangladesh. Training in PRA/PLA has informed Susi’s collaborations and participatory projects.

Susi often works alongside her photographer husband Crispin Hughes – primarily on creative projects for art galleries, but they’ve also on development and training projects. They’ve worked together in UK but also Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Romania and India.

Susi has a PhD (UCL), and graduated from the UK’s National Film&Television School (specialising in observational documentary). Her first degree was in Biological Sciences, at Nottingham University.
British passport, HEFAT trained. City&Guilds Award in Education&Training.
English mother tongue; working French and Melanesian pidgin.

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