Spring 2020 brings more daylight hours to London’s microphytobenthos. Aiming to stay healthy during self-isolation – can I time daily bikerides with low-water at mudbanks, and see how the oxygen producers are getting on?

2020-03-27, 10:39 at Deptford Creek: follow @Creekside_Trust for news on Queenie’s broken leg. #wildlifeofLondon.
Tidal mudbanks rich in euglenids… starting the food chain that feeds her

2020-03-28, 10:41 at Blackwall Reach. Muddy lower shore seems bare of commuter diatoms, unlike autumn 2019. Is it temperature, daylength, winter scouring, water pollution?

2020-03-29 at 12:10; extraordinary light as storm approached. St.Saviour’s Dock mudbanks rich enough with euglenids, but I wonder what became of them when the hailstorm hit

2020-03-30 at 13:00; the Neckinger giving out into the Thames on a grey day…

2020-03-31 at 13:50; Java Wharf bereft at first glance, but plenty of microphytobenthos busy fixing carbon down on the mud when you look more closely

2020-04-01 Deptford Creek again; mostly euglenids? looking forward to a session with the field microscope this summer

2020-04-02 below The Banker; the gang’s all here.
Browns, greens, turmerics; who’s in there?